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Color, shape, taste, flavor...they're all genuine chilled desserts with a handmade feel and freshly baked taste.

Monteur's products are made with true devotion, just like a skilled craftsman.
We have lined up a wide variety of products, starting with "Cream Puff".

Regular Product

"Cream Puff"

Cream Puff

We've added whip cream to homemade and flavored custard cream using abundant fresh milk and eggs. It's different because it is rich and smooth.

"Mini Cream Puffs"

Mini Cream Puffs

Blending fresh cream and whip cream into homemade custard makes it smooth and filled into a fragrant puff. The one-bite size makes it easy to eat.



Full of the cacao-rich flavor of true Belgian chocolate. The custard is made with abundant fresh homemade milk and eggs.

"Mini Eclairs"

Mini Eclairs

A petit Eclair with the flavor and richness of fresh cream is liberally coated with cacao flavor-rich bitter chocolate.

"Roll Cakes"

Roll Milk (hand-rolled)

Milk cream made with tasty ingredients and gently rolled over by fluffy moist dough, which is prepared from our proprietary flour, results in the long-seller roll Cake.
Our roll Cakes have a variety of line-ups, especially hand-rolled types are highly recommended.

"Mont Blanc Pudding"

Mont Blanc Pudding

Mont-blanc is a pudding dessert of flavor-rich, homemade marron puree combined with steam roasted custard pudding.


Chocolate Crepe

A flavorful fresh chocolate blend of 2 types of chocolate and a melt-in-the-mouth milk whip are rolled together into a crepe.

"Waffle Cakes"

Waffle Cakes

Using only original fine flour for fresh moist dough combined with homemade custard and whip cream make for a superb harmony.

Limited Period/Seasonal Product

Limited Period/Seasonal Product

At Monteur, in addition to our regular line of products sold year-round, you can also enjoy our seasonal items with flavors such as maccha, strawberry and cheese. We have received high praise from our customers, who are happy to enjoy seasonal tastes and enjoy the feeling of the season.

Baked Cake

Super-thick Baumkuchen

Baked confectioneries join our line-up sold exclusively at factory-direct stores and through mail order. Starting with "Super Thick Baum Kuchen", which won the Monde Selection Grand Gold Medal for 3 years in a row (2008, 2009 and 2010) and the liqueur-filled, flavorful "Mellow Cake" series, we offer a rich selection of award-winning baked sweets.

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Factory Tour

Factory Tour

See how our cream puffs are made on video. See our factory's commitment to taste and safety.
(Japanese version only)

Factory Tour

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