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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


MONTEUR Co., Ltd. (below, Monteur), respects the privacy of all people using (henceforth the Monteur site). Monteur's position regarding privacy and how the information collected about you through the Monteur site is used, shared and treated, is made clear in writing in its privacy policy.

2.Information gathering and its use

Information related to a specific individual

When using the Monteur site, we may ask you to provide personally identifiable information (below, PII). This is because your desired service requires such information or for the purpose of providing you with better services at the Monteur site. This information may include your name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number. PII is not collected on the Monteur site unless you choose to provide it to us. However, should you refuse to provide some PII, there may be a chance that you will not be able to a view promotional content or product information offered on the Monteur site.

Non-personally identifiable information

There may be cases in which Monteur site may ask you to provide information that is not personally identifiable (NPII; Non-Personally Identifiable Information). This may include your age, occupation, postal zip code, taste preference, customs or character. In addition, the Monteur site or sites linked to the Monteur site may also collect information about how you used the site. This information may include the browser or OS used, the domain name of the link you visited before the Monteur site or the pages on Monteur site you visited.

About Cookie

The Monteur site uses a technology called "cookies." Information gathered by cookies is used to learn how you viewed the Monteur site and what your tastes and needs are in order to better serve you. Cookies are used on many Websites for the same purpose. For most browsers, the default setting is set to accept cookies. However, it is possible to set the browser to turn off cookies each time. In addition, on most browsers settings can be made so that cookies can be deleted from the PC or to not to accept cookies each time or to make notification of and warn you before you accept a cookie. On the Monteur site, in order to update and improve our page content information, information such as which pages our customers had interest in or the route they took to reach our site are stored and managed using cookies and JavaScript.

Handling of personal information
  • The personal information collected on the Monteur site is safely saved and stored under a strict policy.
  • The personal information collected on the Monteur site, unless requested by law or if the need arises for our company to protect our authority or assets, will not be shared with a third party.
About Security

When we ask our customers on the Website to send personal information to us, Monteur uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect it. This is done to prevent third parties from accessing your personal information while it is being transmitted. Depending on your network environment, you may not be able to use it. In such cases, please contact your network administrator.

Through the installation of a server ID, this site, for the certification of its existence and for the protection of privacy, uses SSL encrypted transmission.

*By clicking the mark on the left, identification information can be displayed.

Preferred browser
Windows Macintosh
InternetExplorer 4 over and above
Netscape Communicator 4.5 over and above
Internet Explorer 4.01 over and above
Netscape Communicator 4.05 over and above

*Even in the case of using a preferred browser, please acknowledge that it may not work due to version updates.
*Please be informed that online forms cannot be used with browsers that cannot use SSL.

3.Application of Privacy Policy

When using the Monteur site, it is assumed that the user agrees to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. In the case where they are not agreed to, please refrain from using the site. Again, should Monteur makes changes to the Privacy Policy without prior notice, it is assumed that the user of the Monteur site after that period agrees to the Privacy Policy.

4.Disclosure of information

Monteur will never disclose information or share it with a third party beyond the following reasons.

  • Unless we are requested to do so by a legal authority or to protect our rights or assets.
  • Unless we have already signed a nondisclosure agreement with an outsourcing company, so that they do not use the information other than for the purposes of outsourcing work.
  • In the case we receive the agreement of the customer.

5.Changes in privacy policy

Monteur, in order to conform to changes in the law or for some other reason, may make changes in the Privacy Policy without prior notice. The most updated Privacy Policy will be applied to the information that you submit. Any such information will be posted on the Monteur site.

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