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Secrets for the Tasty

Tastiness=Safety and Trust

Safety and relief

We don't think there can be "tastiness" without safety and trust. That is because we think that true "tastiness" is what can be sensed from the "five senses" in a joyful heart and body.

Recently, we have seen many problems related to "food quality." Examples are food poisoning of dairy products, the BSE problem, falsified labels of origin of meat and imported vegetables, unlawful antioxidants and colorings and additives. Consumers need to be convinced about "food safety."

As already explained by our policies, we are committed to sincerely making good confectioneries.

The problem of food safety is everybody's concern and one that is close to us. How does Monteur deal with safety and trust? The answer lies in the 3 commitments.

Practices that lead to safety and trust

Quality and hygiene/safety control

Monteur employs the leading edge method of safety and hygiene control of HACCP in our confectionery making.(HACCP Certification by Ibaraki-prefecture Food Hygiene Association)


Careful selection of safe and high quality ingredients

Pursuing high quality ingredients, daily proactive efforts will be made to remove additives whenever unnecessary.

Reduced additives

Handling allergenic substances

To supply safe confectioneries, we openly disclose information about ingredients that contain allergenic substances.

Handling allergenic substances

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