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Secrets for the Tasty

Quality and hygiene/safety control

Our tasty sweets must be safe by all means. We maintain strict standards and to always maintain a safe environment, we conduct quality and hygiene control.

What does Monteur actually do?

How does Monteur conduct quality control?

Monteur's quality control system.

At Monteur, from raw materials to delivering products, we have standards for each flow that could potentially affect the product quality. Whatever does not conform to these standards does not continue to the next step and so we make sure that only safe products are delivered to customers.

By preventing unsuitable quality, we promote customer satisfaction. "If it's Monteur's products, they are bound to be safe!" For customers to feel this way, we maintain strict controls.

In order to achieve this, we always keep in mind the hazards that exist and feel it's always important to improve and renew present controls, such as problems with the premises or management, as corrective or preventative efforts. Finally, it rests on everyone working at Monteur to feel "We want our customers to always enjoy safe and tasty products so they can be satisfied."

We at Monteur will continue to have the attitude that we want our customers to enjoy safe products as our commitment in making our confectioneries.

It seems that Monteur uses HACCP as hygiene control in the making of safe and quality confectioneries, but what exactly is HACCP? It seems that it is connected to NASA somehow...

Monteur's hygiene control system

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

In the U.S., NASA used this control system in the Apollo spacecraft project to ensure that food in space was close to 100% hygienically safe.

This is a hygiene control system in the production process from raw materials to final product where all points (contamination sources) in the process that may lead to problems, such as food poisoning, are listed and focused on, so that accidents are prevented and the situation is improved.

Broadly, two types of accidents may be prevented. One is food poisoning and the other is the entry of foreign substances. What would happen if you ate something that was unsafe in space? It is a big problem and so HACCP ensured that the astronauts ate safely in space.

*At present, there is no certification system by the Health & Welfare Ministry for confectioneries, however Monteur is HACCP-certified by the Ibaraki-prefecture Food and Hygiene Association.

Current products that require certification
  • Milk/Meat and dairy products
  • Canned food/Retort food
  • Fish and prepared-fish products
  • Soft drink manufacturing

Other products are also being considered.

Monteur's system

For hygiene control, we at Monteur conduct a stringent total sanitation system, in which the site and facilities come under scrutiny. At each stage of production, we must make sure that the food is always hygienic for customers. For that reason, we maintain strict checks divided into work area blocks to ensure that the entire plant is hygienic.

Total Sanitation:Safety and clean factory (actual)/Improvement in safety of product (by software)/Improving hygiene awareness during work (human)

In our plant, our products are prepared in an area called the clean room. (A clean room is where a special filter called Hepa eliminates any airborne substances and sends in clean air.) A one-way flow of production ensures that anything in a contaminated block does not enter the clean block. Not only are the site and facilities hygienically supervised, but each worker takes the utmost care toward hygiene while performing any action in the preparation of products.

Voluntary standards that are stricter than the law

We set our voluntary standards stricter than what is required by law to provide our customers with a safe and tasty product. Although the law stipulates "no more than 100,000 common microbes" as harmless, we set "no more than 300 common microbes" as our standard and our aim and limit is "not a single microbe."

Voluntary standards that are stricter than the law

No wonder! Facilities aside, the utmost caution and care is taken by each of the workers. Monteur's commitment to hygiene is actively practiced by all who are involved in the making of confectioneries.

Another secret seems to be the careful selection of safe and high quality ingredients.

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