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Secrets for the Tasty

At Monteur we take pride in our tasty custard

We use our special ingredients of fresh milk and eggs liberally and to draw out their goodness, we produce our own custard. By doing so, we are able to produce a special kind of flavorful custard that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

Genuine custard using a copper oven

In making custard cream, sugar, egg yolk and wheat flour is mixed into a milk base and slowly and carefully heated and thickened.

A copper oven is highly heat efficient

In making custard, "temperature control" is the key. Monteur uses a heat-efficient copper oven and carefully controls the heat, which is difficult to do with a copper oven. When making large amounts of custard at one time, it's difficult to bring out the original tastiness of the custard. That is why, by making small quantities in a copper oven, Monteur is able to make tasty custard through this handmade technique.

The churn apparatus used to stir the custard should best be able to support manual labor.

Our view of what is tasty

In making confectioneries, as long as taste and quality are not sacrificed, mechanization ensures safety and reasonable prices. But if we are not able to bring out the true taste of our ingredients, we would choose handmade methods to bring out a rich taste over cost-effectiveness. This is the policy of Monteur and what leads to great tasting custard. If our thinking is able to reach customers who feel that our products are "tasty," we are sure that that is what will make us continue to move forward.

It seems that it is not only the ingredients that they are committed to. Let's see what they do about safety.

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