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Secrets for the Tasty

Careful selection of safe and high quality ingredients

At Monteur, aiming for higher safety and quality, we practice reducing additives, strict traceability and disclosing allergenic substances. We insist on drawing out the original flavor of the ingredients and not relying on additives in order to provide safe and tasty products.

We can increase safety by reducing additives from our basic raw materials.
How much further do Monteur's commitments go?

In order to reduce additives as much as possible...

By working jointly with raw materials manufacturers, additives can be greatly reduced.

Original whip cream, oils and fats, liquor and caramel sauce.

To carefully select basic raw materials that are safe and of high quality

Promoting traceability of basic raw materials

Specifying country and region of origin, genetically altered foods, confirming foods with allergenic substance, pesticide testing and strict standards of hygiene at raw material production plants.

*Traceability of the food refers to a system where information regarding its origin, production and the distribution process can be traced.

Labeling of foods containing allergenic substances

Active disclosure of foods containing allergenic substances

Not only do we make labeling for the 7 specified raw materials that require labeling, but we make labeling for 21 of the suggested items.

Aiming for higher safety and trust, it seems they also handle allergenic substances. Let's take a look!

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Factory Tour

Factory Tour

See how our cream puffs are made on video. See our factory's commitment to taste and safety.
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Factory Tour

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