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Secrets for the Tasty

Secrets for the Tasty

A lot goes on behind the Monteur desserts you casually enjoy so much...
The keywords are "commitment to great taste!" On each page, we explain in detail what we are particular about. Let's scout out together with master detective "Monteururu" what goes into preparing these special desserts.

  • Choosing the freshness of "homemade ingredients" because of our commitment to freshness

    We insist on tasty and fresh ingredients.

    Selecting the choicest ingredients

    We set up our own milk plant within the factory so our milk is homemade. Every day, milk from neighboring pastures is delivered to our factory. It's freshly-milked 100% pasteurized milk.

    What's pasteurized milk? When heated at low temperatures (30 minutes at 65oC), milk is pasteurized and its original pleasant flavor and smooth, fresh taste are brought out.

  • Gentle for your body and soul

    Bringing out their natural tastiness.

    Dedicated to safety and trust

    Reduced additives We jointly produce our raw materials with the manufacturers and we have strict standards about what raw materials we use. We do not use artificial colorings.

    Reduced additives

    Traceability of our raw materials We have strict traceability of our raw materials. We indicate allergenic substances on 28 of our products.

    Our factory located close to farms We located our factories close to dairy farms for our main ingredients of milk and eggs to be able to give our customers the best and freshest products.

  • Enjoy it with someone special

    We aim to make our sweets better and better.

    Quality and hygiene/safety control

    Hygiene and Quality Control From receiving raw materials to delivering our products, we maintain strict quality and hygiene control and only those things that pass our tests become products.

    Hygiene Control based on HACCP Our hygiene control system ensures that no food poisoning or foreign substances enter the production process from the stage of raw materials to the final products.


    Our tasty sweets must be safe by all means. We take necessary actions so that our environment is always safe.

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